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Zesty summer salad and Mexican street corn … off the cob #serveitupsunday

It’s funny how I pick what the delish delight will be for the week every Sunday . This week I took a poll on IG on people adding salt to their watermelon. The over all poll was no but, the 33 who said yes also asked me in my Dms if I had used Tajin.

The next day I hurried to my local World Foods and picked up the spicy lime chili powder that transformed our Father’s Day dinner to a zesty treat for our family.

I decided to whip up a side ” salad ” with some staple ingredients but also incorporated ” Mexican street corn ( off the cob for the picky littles ) also known as “elotes”.

Mexican Street corn

6 ears of corn

1/2 Mexican crema ( we used mayonnaise)


Lime zest

1/2 cup of cotija cheese ( we skipped this )

Tajin to your taste

Zesty Summer salad with mango

2 large tomatoes

1 red onion

1 – 2 avocados ( I found a HUGE one )


Lime juice from 1 lime

1 mango

Tajin to taste

If you guys whip this up leave a comment below and let me know how it went !

Xoxo MHS

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