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This child of mine – screams when I straighten her hair like she requests and then screams bloody murder when I call her Rapunzel.

Really ??

>>> insert screaming 4-year-old collapsing to the floor <<<

All because I called her Rapunzel…… not Anna … from Frozen. As I raised my voice I remembered the 30 day ” no voice raising challenge” rules and quickly started to count to 10… Ok, maybe 100, but who’s counting? I politely asked her to stand up and told her “You got what you wanted, Sweetie. Why are you acting this way?”

She quickly whimpered back “But I didn’t want it that way” as she moves 3 hairs into her face  (I kid you not) and said “This way Mommy, this way!”

Oh Jesus take the freaking wheel!! Right as I felt my eyebrows crinkle, here comes that sassy ass devil that occasionally walks out onto my shoulder and says “Nay Nay you better get this girl and set her little tail right. Tell her stop being a drama queen and get it together”.

But then it hit me! She gets this mess from me!! Me, her mother, the one she watches daily and the one she gets this drama-tude from. OH. MA. GAWD. I’ve created a monster! So now what??

Skip to today… 3 days later… I’ve got it solved.

100 days of a thankful, non whining and non complaining Mommy. Yes that’s what I’ll do. I’ll wake up every single day from here on out and NOT complain about the little things. We have so many plans in the works for the next few months why do I even complain about anything??

My old shift partner used to always say: “There are things that matter and things that don’t”.

So really, every time I complain about the line being too long at Target while waiting with my full cart of useless crap or my Vietnamese Pho not having enough chicken, or even something as small as someone taking the last pair of size 8 boot, my kids are taking notes one small “thing” at a time.

I’ve been given way more than I deserve and I have somehow managed to get everything I ever “wanted” on top of every….single….thing  I’ve ever needed. Maybe I need to tell myself “You got what you wanted” and start acting like I want what I got?

Meanwhile, while God still continues working on me, I better brush up on my Elsa and Anna hairstyles 🙂

Mom victory # 836389….. Being able to say to the kids “Do what I say AND do what I do” 🙂



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