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I’ve always said ” you can’t make it to second without taking your foot off first “but… guess what??? Stupid games get stupid results. Every. single. Time.

I’ve been on the fence about a few things recently and it’s really annoying the hell out of me because this is totally not me. I’m finding it harder and harder to enlist the advice from the normal “go to people” because, more and more each day, I realize how very different I feel our situation is and how different a person I am compared to others. As in different I’m referring to my mindset. It’s no secret that I’ve done things somewhat outside of the box my entire life. Some say I’m compulsive, some say independent, some say a chance taker and I say … Well.. I don’t label it because society and it’s norms are not my cup of tea. My new thing is why make my decisions off of other people’s opinions who don’t have to deal with the results ? With all that being said here is a glimpse into the mind of the “Nay Nay”. A mind that is constantly saying, which one will you choose? A life of ” oh wells” or a life of ” what’s ifs”????

Here’s my Daily word vomit for ya….

1) My children. Clearly, my number one! I consider this to be my most important job in life and the two (Yes 2 ) people I chose to parent my children with are the only ones who truly have a say in the day to day of it all. For those who think it’s appropriate to PM me, make snide comments about my kid rearing or question our way of our little world ….. Please FO

2) My home life. I’m really not going to go into much about this for several reasons but once again… Why follow what others says when we (household members) have to take the heat when it all blows up? To be super vague, in having endured enough over the past few years with “regular life drama”, I have learned to just let everything work itself out and try to keep as many people out of it as possible.

3) Money…. Le sighhhhh. Money has been on my mind since I was 17. That’s when I rolled out of Momma’s house. I’ve made it, I’ve lost it, and I’ve saved it. It obviously plays a big roll in my current life of being a mom because obviously there are many mouths to feed, but also because of my business ventures. If one thing is for sure, it’s that I’m willing to try it all!!! Over the years I’ve been a Mary Kay girl, Avon girl , sold Cutco knives, cleaned houses , babysat, worked at Hooters, been a Landlord, owned a tattoo shop, been a realtor, worked at an outdoor plant nursery, run an online boutique, delivered pizzas, worked at a women’s health research facility, worked at a bar, and the list goes on and on and on. With that growing list has come many, many stupid mistakes, many failures and lots of lessons learned in between.

With all of that “life experience” you would think I’d be a master of a few things… right?! I’ve gained a great knowledge of learning how to deal with people and when to not deal and how to hold them and when to fold them. Most of all I’ve learned that people, yes people, are what matters the most. Unfortunately, this past year I lost a person who had been in my life for 24 years because of money. Money has turned so many people I know into such blinded strangers and that’s why I don’t listen to advice on money matters. I will NEVER pick money over family, friendships or even random strangers when it comes to doing the right thing. Sad thing is, although doing the “right thing” is “free”, sometimes you will end up paying for it in other ways in the end.

With all of that said, I think I hear the “oh wells” calling my name 🙂 So long “what ifs” you won’t be hearing from me for a while !


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