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Ok, let’s talk…

Just fair warning that things are about to get real serious up in here! Although I have a HUGE passion for business, specifically small business, this is first here on the blog.   I seriously would love to talk about all the positive first but for now let’s talk about  *IMO* the top 5 business killers

1)Not being present

There was a company I once worked with and the main thing they would blame others “poor” performance on was “not working the business”. For starters, I HATE that term, it’s very off-putting and such a blanket statement. YUCK, YUCK,YUCK. I’d much rather just point out the fact that a lot of people are just not THERE.

There’s nothing like representing your company and being Why are you lost in the sauce? Well, its because you are in LaLa land my friend. Whether its the fact that you have a lot going on or you aren’t THAT interested in what you’re doing YA NEED to keep it together. Train, update yourself on your products, attend events, network and BE PRESENT!!

2) Making crummy statements and frequently mixing both personal and business life

Sitting on the internet and consistently making bad comments about your great Aunt May and then airing out your family’s dirty laundry is a HUGE turn-off. NO …Just NO. Pretty much every day I witness some pretty cringe-worthy stuff either on the internet or in person.

3) Being spammy

“Hi, I haven’t seen or talked to you in 10 years but…. will you buy my crap” is NOT the way to do business. Its a good way piss people off! Even with the *slight* chance they might have been interested, you have now put such a bad taste their mouths about you AND your business.

4) Not in it to win in

Picture this….”Yeah, I kinda like this product or that product” or “I have used this or that and I’ve heard it’s not the best”. ***crickets***

WHAAAAAT?! I don’t care if you are selling combs to a bald man IF that man has a beard you better sell the heck out of your new” beard comb” (which you  NOW think works better as a beard comb because of the length). It’s not lying, its called being creative. Put your thinking caps on and get those lips moving with the most convincing pitch about your product! You use it, you LOVE it, and you need to OWN it.

5)Overextending yourself

Do NOT commit yourself to too many things. You WILL get tired, cranky, lose track of what you are supposed to be doing and then hate EVERYTHING. It’s so to get caught up in the “yes game” of life ( more on that later). It’s easy to put yourself into a cycle of scheduling 55 things a day when you only have time for 10. Don’t set yourself up for missed deadlines and even worse, burnout. Make clear time limits from the start and actually stick to it. Just remember this,”You have one ass, therefore you can ride one horse”. Now let that one soak in!

Well folks, there you have it. My opinion of the TOP 5 BUSINESS KILLERS. Now sit down and think about what you can do differently in your business! Have you been guilty of any of these? If so leave a comment below about how you turned the horse around and made a change for the better.

Talk to you soon XOXO,


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