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I get it, Mom; you are absolutely worn out! Maybe you haven’t slept because you’re up with a newborn or a sick kiddo. Maybe you’ve been so heavily scheduled with sports and activities that you’re running around in circles. Maybe you’ve stopped looking at yourself in the mirror because you have no time to maintain your appearance and it makes you sad to see your reflection. You’re tired, disappointed in the way things are turning out, and badly in need of some answers. Face it, you need a bit of self care. Where do busy moms usually turn when they need answers? The internet, of course. 

Part of the internet culture, that we are immersed in, is the constant cycle of new trends. To name a few, there are decorating trends, new child-rearing techniques and kitchen devices that you have to figure out because they promise to produce delicious results. We are always on a quest to keep up with the newest, easiest and best thing for us and our family. After all, the next big thing could possibly show us some revolutionary way of doing things that will make our lives so much easier, right?  However, we often chase these trends, try them out and realize that we don’t like the outcome and have totally wasted our time (along with being stuck with stuff we really don’t need or want). 

Yes, there are a ton of trends out there, but one of the things that has become trendy is actually an essential life skill: self-care. We see ads screaming at us everywhere to treat ourselves, to spend time on ourselves, to try a course, use a shower gel, new lotion, or some other that will help us feel better. The question is this – Is self-care as simple as a treat or are we misunderstanding the purpose of self-care? 

Hopefully, this guide will get you moving towards a better self-care routine and a greater knowledge of what it means to treat yourself well. After all, you can’t take care of others if you can’t take care of yourself.


We are used to hearing about self-care in product recommendations, but it is really simple in the definition. Self-care, according to the Oxford dictionary is “The practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.” 

What does that mean for us? As moms, we are always thinking about caring for others. We want to be sure everyone is eating, drinking and sleeping enough. We want to be certain that their mental state is steady and flourishing.  But as moms, we often expend so much energy on these concerns and completely neglect our own well-being until it is too late. 


When we neglect our self-care, we are unhappy at best; at worst we start to break down. When is the last time you took a look in the mirror and really liked what you saw? You might be neglecting your physical self-care. Do you think that your needs have to come last or you’re a bad mom? That’s not a healthy way of thinking; you may need to take a look at your mental self-care. 

Your happiness levels being low doesn’t make you a better mom. In fact, in order for you to be your best you, you need to feel good about yourself and have your needs fulfilled. When you neglect your self-care, you become frazzled, frustrated and irritable.  Are you completely overwhelmed with maintaining a house, children, and a relationship? You may need some health care in the area of relationships and expectations that you’ve set within them.

Just keep going momma!

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