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tips for shopping and saving money

Tips for shopping and saving money

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Tips for shopping and saving money

Buy in Bulk When Possible

When you buy in bulk, there ís usually a reduced price for the items. Stores such as Sams Club,Costcoand BJs are the first ones that come to my head when I think of saving money. If an item is perishable, but also easily frozen without ruining it, then you can divide the food up.That way it can be cooked at a later date and you only make what you

Get It All in One Trip

One of the things that a lot of people forget about shopping is that there is a total cost of shopping that comes as a direct result of what it takes to get there. My husband doesn’t mind going to the store several times week and honestly its probably a mini vacation for him LOL. If you make sure to get all of the things you need in one trip, then youíll spend less money on gas. We don’t live too far from a group of stores but it’s still a 15 minute drive.

Buy Food to Go with Ingredients You Already Have

Basically everyone has things around their house that they just never get around to eating. When I got married I realized that he doesn’t eat leftovers or can veggies that often. So what I try to do is eat them up when he’s not around. Another thing I do is grab some ingredients that I can put with it so they can become a meal. The less food you waste, the more money you will have.

Put Away Your Plastic Cards

We are going to the cash envelop system in 2020. I’m a visual person and when I use cash to pay for food, it ís a lot easier to keep track of how much money is actually going out. I ACTUALLY see the money leaving my hands and it hits me harder! Getting cash, allocating it towards each bill and then putting the rest into a savings “pot” will let you see that you are hitting your money savings goals. Need help tracking spending ? Grab a planner here.

I hope these tips helped! Drop some helpful tips below t let me know what’s currently working for your family.




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