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If your kids are anything like mine, they are going absolutely stir crazy staying at home. Here are some fun stay at home must haves for kids that won’t leave you disappointed.

These fun pass times will help your kids stay busy and entertained. From a new kind of bubbles to target practice, there are so many things for your kids to do to pass the time. In addition to staying busy they also will be making a lot of great memories!

Fun and Games for Kids

Although I feel like this may create some drama in my house with sore losers this would still be a fun afternoon activity playing giant connect 4 . As a matter of fact, I even love that it is outdoors!

I know I’m not the only mom has kids that enjoy beating the heck out of each other “for fun”. At least with these bubbles they can stay relatively safe LOL This is definitely not the kind of bubbles we had when we were growing up. As a matter of fact, this is a whole new form of bubbles. I know some kids out there would definitely love these!

Bubble balls

If you have some space in your yard this is a perfect night time game to play with the littles! So this means your little ones can have fun from daylight to dark.

Light up golf set

A little target practice can create hours of fun for multiple kids at once! This can definitely pass the time rather quickly!

Trophy Hunt

Not only is this a water slide but also a climbing wall and bounce house all in one!

A wide enough swing for even the smallest of the littles!

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