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Starbucks unicorn frappuccino

Unicorn Frappuccino Review

Y’all know I’m a Starbucks lover, caffeine addict and the queen of all things pink so when I heard they were coming out with the Starbucks unicorn Frappuccino I just about died!  You guys also know I’m trying to get my body right for the summer …do you see the dilemma here? After dragging BB on a 5 mile walk along the Chesapeake Bay today, there was no way I could justifiably go enjoy a 76G of sugar treat! That’s right 76 grams of pure delishness is the equivalent to the amount of sugar I once ate when I pounded down 6 glazed donuts… but we won’t even talk about that right now 🙂 I’m only writing this post so the people who I know who got their hands on this tasty drink can text me and lie to me about how it was the most amazing thing they have ever had #tellmelies #feelbadforme #firstworldproblems !!! Anywho, I’m off to go enjoy my 6 celery sticks and plate of thin air that I’ve been dreaming about all day. Until next time ! Want more Starbucks info? Join me on Renee does Starbucks…. my attempt to visit 100 Starbucks in the state of Maryland.


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  1. This made me laugh SO hard! it looks fun and I love the unicorn trend, but HOLY COW why would anyone want instant diabetes? It’s beyond me, ha!

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