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Get 2 Months of ReadingIQ for $5!

Hear me out here! I already know someone is up in arms about what I just said about “The computer isn’t such a bad thing.”

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Let’s face it, technology is starting to take over and the kids are HERE FOR IT. Admittedly, if I ever have computer problems or problems with something on my phone I usually ask the kids if they can help. They know how to navigate these electronics like it’s their job.

I’m sure at this point you’re probably like “Renee, how could they possibly learn to navigate the computer so early? What DID you have them looking at on the internet?!”. Well….it started with an ad on TV 9 years ago and that ad prompted me to look into educational programs online. That’s when I found ABC mouse.


ABC Mouse is an extensive program online that uses interactive lessons to assisted in letter learning, number memorization and reading skills for the littles. They are running a special now where you can get 2 months for $5! Thats a HUGE steal and makes for a perfect give for the little one in your life.

Get 2 Months of for only $5!

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  1. I loved ABC Mouse when I was at home with my kids. They are wayy too old now but they loved having their ABC Mouse time

    1. Yes! The older kids love to sit and watch the younger kids play it now . It brings back good memories:)

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