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I’m writing this while playing “police” to the youngest little people who were put in bed 1 hour ago . I’m gonna keep on writing to avoid completely going ape shit over the fact tonight’s bed time is more like jump zone!

I’ve been particularly chatty the last few days. Maybe it’s the warm(er) weather, maybe it’s the Krispy Cremes I’ve punished this week so far … who knows? lol

Let’s have a quick review of what’s in store for us and an update as to what’s going on down on the ranch.

We have 16 days to move out. Yes … we are moving again. Don’t ask a bunch of questions and just know it’s the best thing for our entire family at this point. While I lovvvvve this house, my wallet will love the $300-$400 we will save on gas a month. Another plus is all the kids will have a bedroom ( including Jett) and that means we will be having another baby in about 9 months!!… JK 🙂

I started my business back up this month! Yaaaaaasssss!! Long story short, I pretty much lost everything the day before I had Jett. That’s why I didn’t think I was in labor because I so, so, so upset over what had transpired. In the end , I lost… BUT I’ve also gained and it’s going really well this go round:-) I will NEVER be part of something I don’t want to do, ever again. I will never have another business partner and I will NEVER do stuff that gives me the bubble guts thinking about it. Period!

I put in for a position at work and guess what?!? I’m still at 26 lol.. It’s ok!! You win some, you lose some! I’m enjoying my crew and I have a good partner:-)

I’ve lost 21 pounds …. of the 49 I gained with Jett. If there is one thing I’ve noticed, it’s that with each child my body changes drastically and sloooooow. My 7k balloons made it through so far, so I’m happy:) I put on a bikini this weekend but had to wear a tank top but I’m OK with that for now! Little baby J turned 6 months today so I guess I’m ok with the slower process since I know I need the calories for his milk.

My mom moved to OC. I’m super happy she’s getting away from the corporate jerks and will enjoy her granny years down on the beach! While I’ll miss her dearly, now we have a vacay spot lol

Little person P will be 6 in a few days. This just further confirms I’m getting older. I just can’t believe I became her mom 6 years ago! Time is flying:)

Harpers hair hack job looks shittier by the day. What can I say?? Could have been worse but y’all know I can’t do hair so this didn’t help 🙁

Everyone voted to get rid of the cats… Wahhhhhh! I love my cats and will miss the heck out of them, but I will enjoy not spending money on cat litter and hearing LULU being gang jumped by the hell raisers!!

I miss singing… Like a lot! I’ve had a horrible, horrible writers block for months now, and it’s really starting to irritate me! My voice has also changed over the last year which is very strange to me but I’ll take it!!

I’m considering going blonde. I’ve been called blonde countless times in my life – haha might as well fit the name! I’m ready for a big hair change so I think I’ll take the leap. Plus, it’s just weave, so if I don’t like it I’ll just apologize to the horse I stole it from and get some new bundles lol!

I have 3 paramedic online refresher classes left!! My procrastinating-self waited and I’m still doing these classes!! Luckily, I’ll be finished sometime this week!! Next, I’ll be taking my salesperson’s class again ( for the 3rd time). I might even go on to get my home inspection license as well!!

There have been hundreds of people that read this thing! I know some are reading just to have some hot gossip, but for those who really care.. Thanks!! Don’t be afraid to comment and vent if you need to! I had someone text me 2 days ago telling me they really enjoy reading, and another person FB message me saying they can really relate! Makes me smile 🙂 🙂

Well, my little ankle biters have calmed down now. This tired mama is headed to bed to lend my boob to the boy, so he can get some rest 🙂 Goodnight all!!

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