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New years idea 2020

Here are some great New Years eve ideas for families! Who says that you can’t have a great time of New Years and stay in the comfort of your own home? Planning a fun night on the town was a past time of mine for New Years Eve. Honestly now my goal is to stay in safe and sound even NYE. I love making memories with my kiddos so decided I would talk about my top 3 New Years Eve Ideas For Families

Have a dinner party

New Years eve ideas for families-food

I love using Pinterest for food ideas.

We enjoy having other kids over to play with our kids. It never fails that time escapes us and before we know it dinner time has rolled up and we end up ordering a pizza. With this being known, we can sit down ahead of time and plan a fun spread for everyone that has a little bit of this and that.

Plan game night and sleep over

Its a great way to be able to cut down on the dreaded “I’m bored” cry from the kids while still being home in your pjs. Also there are so many fun games you can play as a group that are fun for both children and adults. Here are own family go to’s for games:

Twister– This game is Alexa compatible!


Scrabble– Here’s a fun fact! If you play the word “Quartzy” and land the letter Z on a double letter score tile while placing the entire word on a triple word square you will get 164 points !!!!

Host a vision board party

If you guys LOVE to craft like we do, this is right up your alley. You can ask everyone to bring various magazines, old books, stickers and printables to pitch in for variety of the vision boards. If you don’t have any materials you can grab this kit on Prime. My kiddos love thinking about things they want to do next year and writing down things they love. A vision board is a great way to expand the imagination and keep yourself focused to reach goals. If youre not into boards per se you can always do a planner style type “board” and that way its small enough to take with you everywhere.

What are some family friendly New years Eve ideas that you guys have ? I’d love to hear about them:)



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  1. Thanks for the ideas. I was just asking around for ideas since we will have all four of the kids that night 🙂

    1. Absolutely! I hope you have a great night ?

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