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Pine Sol uses

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Pine Sol is a cleaning product that smells just like walking through an evergreen forest. It’s made up of real pine scent and powerful cleaners, which are used for its grease cutting surfactants to cut right down into the dirt! Pine essential oil also gives it antibacterial properties so you know your house will be clean as well as smelling fresh!

Some uses for cleaning

Pine-Sol has been around for decades, and it’s a household cleaner that everyone knows about. But do you know these four of my favorite uses for Pine Sol?

– I love using diluted cleaner to clean linoleum floors because it doesn’t leave behind any residue like some other popular cleaners out there.

-You can also use diluted pine sol on countertops and furniture too without worrying about any harsh chemicals or strong scent after the cleaning is done.

Pine Sol uses for bugs

– Using Pine cleaner to clean around the house where we a problem with flies. Every summer, without fail we have a HUGE fly problem. It takes care of those pesky flies and leaves behind a nice, fresh scent. Don’t forget to pour some in the bottom of your outside trash cans after you get rid of the flies. Not only will it keep them away but raccoons and other night critters don’t like the smell either.

Pine Sol uses for smells

4) It is also great for cleaning the bathroom because it kills germs without hurting you or your family’s skin if they walk through where Pine Sol has been used to clean surfaces like tiles or linoleum. It doesn’t smell as strong as bleach so I don’t worry that it will bother the kids.

Have you heard of this hack with Pine Sol? Here is an easy toilet tank hack. Open the back of the toilet tank and pour in 2 cap fulls. Every time someone flushes the toilet you get a nice fresh smell in your toilet.

The only downside to this product is that when you dilute it with water, your kids/pets might not be able to stay in an area where you’ve cleaned until everything dries thoroughly – you know how kids are LOL

BONUS USE!!-uses for laundry

Get cooking oil on yourself while you were whipping up you favorite dish? Soak that stain in Pine Sol to remove it before you toss it in the washer. I also like to give the outside of my washer and dryer a rub down with Pine cleaner to make my laundry room smell lovely.

Have any other tips you would like to add? I’d love to hear from you all 🙂

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