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leopard print fall 2019

Top 10 Leopard print must haves for 2020

I don’t know about y’all but I’m dying over the fact that leopard was a hit this summer and has now extended into the winter. I’ve been an animal print lover since the beginning of time and am sooooo happy to finally be in style with the rest of the cool kids 🙂 Here  are my top 10 leopard print must haves .

I’ve already shared my number one favorite leopard shoes for the season here but I’d like to share the rest of my favs with you guys! Here’s my favorite top 10 leopard print must haves for 2020

1)leopard print fall 2019

Who doesn’t love a nice comfy sweater?! Something about this red color just screams my name. Shop here

2)leopard print fall 2019

I picked this shirt because you can very easily dress it up with a blazer and heels or wear it with a pair of leggings and Uggs for a more casual look. You can grab it here

3)leopard print fall 2019

I chose this fleece sherpa over the others because it’s nice and simple AND has a high collar to keep your neck warm this winter.

4)leopard print fall 2019

This boot is a favorite according to my kids! They said it’s nice because you can wear ” whatever you want because leopard goes with everything ” . I’ll have to say I agree 🙂

5) leopard print fall 2019

These flats are more my speed. I’m usually carrying the baby around so I need something quick to slid my foot into when we leave out of the house.


leopard print fall 2019

These super comfy slips on from Soft Surroundings are so easy and fun. You can dress them up with a blazer and dress shirt or lounge out with a cute cotton romper. Throw these cuties on and you’re ready to go!

Shop here


leopard print fall 2019

Ok let’s face it ….. we all have an ongoing love affair with Target! I’ve seen this shirt all over the web and just had to feature it. I love a good tank top and can so imagine this paired with a mustard blazer and some black Toms. Grab yours here. Grayson thread graphic t


leopard print fall 2019

Leopard throw

I don’t care how old you are, there’s nothing like curling up on the couch in front of the fireplace with a soft blanket. All of my kids love blankets, I love blankets, my husband loves blankets and so do our pets:) Give nap time a facelift with this little treat and grab one for the fam!


leopard print fall 2019

Leopard knotty t

I wasn’t too sure how the knotty T would go with my personal style but these are truly too cute. They take a plain shirt and make it into a great little number you can wear with your favorite pair of jeans, leggings or even over a dress.


leopard print fall 2019

Tory Burch leopard glasses

These glasses are perfect for both your everyday glasses and your “throw down” glasses for the glove box . I’ve been really bad about wearing my glasses and need to update my prescription. Maybe if I had some super fancy glasses like these I’d wear them more often …. MAYBE!

I want to hear about all of your favorite leopard print finds this winter season.



*disclosure – Renee Wood may receive payment for purchases made through this post and all posts made on this platform.

leopard print fall 2019

Ballard designs blew it out of the water with this leopard plate set.

There are so many different ways to use it on you table and in your home.

leopard print fall 2019leopard print fall 2019leopard print fall 2019leopard print fall 2019leopard print fall 2019leopard print fall 2019leopard print fall 2019leopard print fall 2019leopard print fall 2019leopard print fall 2019leopard print fall 2019

As muah as I love leopard and animal print I’ve never dreamed of incorporating into my table scape. I’m slowly switching my kitchen over to a total fall kitchen and I’m tempted to buy all new tableware for Thanksgiving JUST to have some animal print too . As you can see in the above pics , it can be full blown all animal print or you can do just a sprinkle of it here and there .

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