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easy fashion for busy moms

This spring I decided to go through my closets and drawers and I realized that I pretty much wear the same 10-20 things OVER and OVER again.

easy fashion for busy moms

I started a challenge with myself over on IG called #somethingnew75 where I would wear something different for 75 days!! I love sharing easy fashion for busy moms so this was a great opportunity to not only do that but to also get the most out of my closet.

Since I started working from home I started to seriously slum it . It didn't help that I was pregnant, sick and exhausted starting off a few months before I even retired. After this challenge I started to really think about how I look and put honest effort into my style choices .

easy fashion

These were my top favorite looks during my challenge.

As I transition into fall I'll be mixing more layers, leggings and real non flip flop shoes into the mix ... BUH BYE summer !

Here's a super easy go to that you can find at Kohl's !

This Nike legging outfit is right up my alley .

Easy mom fashion

I have a feeling leopard will be on again this year . I'm not even mad at it ! Have you seen my top leopard finds ?

easy fashion for busy moms

I love to showcase my current favs that I've been crushing on! Leave me a comment down below if you have any of these items and how they are working out for ya:)

easy fashion for busy moms

Pioneer Woman has done it again with this complete dinnerware set.

easy fashion for busy moms

Starbucks has really made me a happy little lady since I found this drink . I'm dairy free and can still enjoy this beauty when we have family Starbucks dates

easy fashion for busy moms

Keto " Pink Drink" layered with black tea with 2 scoops of matcha and coconut milk not shaken .

easy fashion for busy moms

easy fashion for busy moms

Most comfortable memory foam leopard print slip ons

easy fashion for busy moms

easy fashion for busy moms

Love a good cold shoulder dress

easy fashion for busy moms

I bought this for Hubby and use it just as much as he does!


2018 FAVS!!

French Press

easy fashion for busy moms

I CANNOT live without a morning pick me up! My husband introduced me to this glorious thing called a French Press and my life hasn't been the same since. The best part about this one is its 32OZ!!!!

Subscription Boxes!

easy fashion for busy moms

I recently signed up for Martha and Marley and am awaiting my first box! Its a food subscription box curated by Marth Stewart. I'd give my right baby toe to have her come and cook for us once a week but for now, I'll settle for her box delivered straight to my door.  Make sure to check out "Serve it up Sunday" to see what goodies I received this week.

easy fashion for busy momseasy fashion for busy moms

 I literally have zero excuses to not get my self together and eat right LOL. I have this great blender in my hands and I better use it! Did you catch my unboxing and first-time use? Check me out here to see it!

easy fashion for busy momseasy fashion for busy moms

I've had my eye on this water flosser for some time now. Everyone I know that owns one rants and raves about just how "clean" their mouths feel after they use. BOY...... they ain't ever lied LOL. After every use, all I do is run my tongue along my teeth to feel that squeaky clean feeling. UPDATE for 2019! We loved our old water flosser so much we upgraded to this one

easy fashion for busy moms

easy fashion for busy momseasy fashion for busy moms">Castile soap where have you been all my life?? I wash my body, face and hair with this A-MAZ-ING stuff and am going to have a hard time finding something that makes me feel as clean as this does. I have talked to several users of the soap and even use it to clean their dishes, their pets and their carpets! I just ordered the sample pack to try out all of the different scents so I'll keep ya posted.

easy fashion for busy moms I received thisTONYMOLY The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Lotion, 5.4 fl.oz.easy fashion for busy moms"> watery cream in my Ipsy bag for December and have been IN LOVE ever since. I have had a hard time in the past finding a light cream to use on my face that doesn't feel super thick. This cream is light, has a very mild smell and doesn't leave a bunch of residue on the bridge my glasses.

easy fashion for busy moms

I am a crazy snacker. That has always been my downfall with my fitness goals. While standing in line at Target one day I picked up this turkey  Perky Jerky Turkey Jerky, Original, 14 Ounceeasy fashion for busy moms">jerky ( instead of a twix) and opened it as soon as I got into my truck. I only got to have a couple of pieces because the kids caught wind on the yummy smell and inhaled the rest of it. I can tell you the couple of pieces I had were simply delish!

Hey Yall..

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The Best Flat Iron brush EVER!


Ok Y'all a girl can dream, right? I'm thinking that if I put this into the universe a money tree will appear and and every morning ill go pick dolla dolla billz from it LOL. Until then I'll just keep adding until momma can get what she wants!

2017 Easy fashion for busy moms

As a busy mom, I don't always have time to look the best...OK I'll say it. It's easy to look a hot mess! I have a few really easy and cute items I will pull out of my closet to look like I somewhat put myself together.

easy fashion for busy momsPaired this Julia dress by Lularoe with some comfy Chuck Taylor's for a more casual feel for the day. I actually ended up doing some farm work in this outfit that evening LOL

easy fashion for busy momsAt first, I wasn't sold on the Azure skirt by Lularoe. I tried one on and immediately fell in love! Here I wore it as a dress and threw on a light sweater, a belt and some heels for a meeting.
easy fashion for busy momsThese Cassie skirts by Lularoe and I had a strong love affair going on last summer They are so easy to throw on and pair up with almost anything. I was able to help my friend work down in her boutique in my Cassie and the material was comfortable enough for all the bending and lifting we did that day.
easy fashion for busy momsThis Julia was my all time unicorn!! I'll never forget this night because I got all dressed up in this super soft Julia, went on a dinner date and didn't break my neck in these heels...I even wore earrings !! #momwin

easy fashion for busy momsMy little buddy and I went for a walk in the creek while on vacation . I hiked up my Lularoe leggings that I paired with a Cassie and basic tank and we cooled our tootsies off.
easy fashion for busy momsThis was one of my first Irmas tunic by Lularoe. It's so spacious I was able to make a little dress by tying it around my stomach and making a knot.

easy fashion for busy momsI can't get over how cute these Azures are!  Yes, they are a skirt but they are so versatile. A vest and some boots gave this beauty a new look.

easy fashion for busy momsA classic t by Lularoe with some straight legged jeggings and wedges. Super easy fashion for busy moms and super comfy!

easy fashion for busy momsMy 7-year-old caught the perfect Maryland sunset with me and my Amelia dress also by Lulaore. A cute belt and necklace really pulled this outfit together well.

easy fashion for busy momsHello, winter ! Leggings, Cassie skirt, and a Sarah duster by Lularoe kept me warm while having my night out on the town.

easy fashion for busy moms
The lovely Ana dress by Lularoe was my best friend during my vendor event this day. It was easy to work in and made me look like I put effort into myself for the day LOL