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muffin top

As if worrying about being “that mom” with the drab sweat pants filled wardrobe isn’t enough, some of us were also given a new body feature to get to know very well…..a nice new muffin top. Gaining and losing 50-70 pounds with each pregnancy left me with a very differently shaped body than I had before. Although I have lost the majority of the weight from my 2.5 year old, I still have some extra stomach fluff that I’d love to give back.

What can I do about a muffin top?

Thanks to TNT Pro Series I’m finally jumping on the waist training train. Now, before everyone gets all up in arms about waist training I know that I can’t continue to eat unlimited tacos on taco Tuesday and expect my new work out accessory to come and save the day. It will take this waist trainer belt in conjunction with a health(ier) diet, plenty of water , rest and better choices to make my fitness goals a reality.

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When clicking on the main website I wasn’t even sure how to order one of these things, so I was slightly resistant to try one out. What I’ve found with trying to get back into the workout mode is that any excuse is a good enough one to stop me from making the next move. Luckily, the site was easy to navigate and I quickly found the perfect belt for my training needs. Once I made the leap I received my product within 5 days and immediately out it on for that nights workout. It fits nice and snug and isn’t ass stiff and uncomfortable as I imagined. The thing I think I loved the most is it is stiff enough on my back which reminds me to keep good posture during my reps. Having 2 prior back injuries I have found that the slightest wrong move can have me stiff for days on end.


As I started to work out I could feel my midsection warming up and my stomach honestly sweat more than it ever has in awhile. To my surprise, once my workout was over the portion of my body that was covered by the trimmer wasn’t itchy or irritated at all. I kind of thought with all the extra sweat + extra “apparatus” added to my body I would be at least a little red in the area but I wasn’t. The waist trimmer turned out to be an awesome tool to add to my workouts and I cant wait to add it to my day to day wear 🙂

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