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Making the best of my blog!

When I first started my blog it was to express all of the crazy emotions I was feeling as a new mom with 2 kids under the age of 2. Since I was single at the time it always helped to write down my thoughts for the day and clear my mind. Sometimes I would Google parenting stories while I was up nursing baby H just to get me through the night and found I could relate with a lot of the women. Pretty much all of my life I have had the craziest things happen around me and it tripled once I became a parent. I would often share my stories with some of my girl friends and they would insist that I write a book! I wasn’t ready for all of that but I did finally decide I would share with the world through a blog.

Over the past couple of years I have made some of my very best friends over the internet thanks to blogging and networking in the blog community. I found it hard to make friends with similar interests as myself once I became a mom so this was a huge blessing for me. We all had the same struggles, some of the same stories, were at the same points in our lives and would spend time both laughing and crying together. I was always so surprised and still am to this day when I write a post and someone reaches out to me via text, phone call or message saying “how they needed to hear what I was saying”. I’m so happy to know I’m providing some sort of comfort to someone out there who may be going through something and they just needed to know there aren’t alone. We all know I love a good laugh so when I post random videos I also hope I’m providing some kind of relief from the day full of “adulting”.

Over the past couple of months I have been working extra hard at understanding this whole computer age we live in and have been learning a ton! You would think with me being a millennial I’d be on point with my computer skills but working for the fire department for 12 years hasn’t helped my computer knowledge at all LOL. I have some really special goals that I’ll be working on for the next 15 months and I’m hoping that through blogging, meeting new and amazing people and just trying really hard at everything I do I’ll be able to achieve them! Thanks for coming on this journey with me!





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  1. Your blog drew me in right away because you keep it real. As moms, we NEED relatable things in our lives. It helps us to know we are the only ones losing our minds…LOL! You’re doing a great job! And I love your instastories…whoever isn’t following you is missing out!

    1. Thanks Jill ! I appreciate the support 🙂

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