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Before this weekend I had never heard of this veggie! I saw happened to see it during one of my many grocery store trips in the prepackaged isle and decided to give it a whirl. I have been trying to cut back on heavy noodles since they make me feel like a zombie after I eat them so this was a nice substitute.

It reminded me of a radish, beet apple hybrid * I totally made that up *.

I *obviously* went to Pinterest to check out the possibilities

3 cups of shredded Kohlrabi

1/2 cup of string beans

1/2 cup of sun dried tomatoes with the oil

1 cup of mozzarella

A dash of salt and pepper

Extra virgin olive oil * I used a garlic and Parmesan infusion oil *

Coat the pan, sauté the kohlrabi for 3-5 minutes. I added my beans next and sautéed them briefly ( I prefer my beans al dente) . Add in the seasonings , add in the cheese, turn to low and enjoy !

*Disclaimer – we didn’t LOVE this recipe LOL*

My husband said it reminded him of celery and half my kids wouldn’t even try it ….. insert eye roll.

While it comes out looking slightly like linguine, it is very crunchy and has a distinctive flavor . Put your own spin on it and hopefully your family will love it !



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