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KIDS AND PETS Whoop whoop to who ever came up with a kids and pets day ! Two of my favorite things in the entire world! Many who personally know me that outside of being a mother I would call on of my biggest accomplishments was being a animal mom and rescuer. Unfortunately all of my fur babies were taken and moved to another farm last year. We won’t revisit that right this moment but you can read about it here.

Over the years I have had 13 hamsters, probably 20 fish, as many as 30 cats at once, several dogs , 10 chickens, a rooster and a rabbit. The chickens and rooster presented a huge learning curve for us but we loved it ! There is nothing like raising little chicks up in your living room and making sure it’s the correct temperature several times a day ? I always had pets growing up and once we move to a larger property plan on getting a few more ! As of now we have my boyfriends dog Mocha here and she has become such a little family princess lol. We love our pets ❤️ Here are some reasons  why children should grow up with pets.




kids and pets

  • They learn responsibility. There is no better way to teach children daily responsibility than to help keep another being alive. Feeding , bathing and providing a safe environment for a pet can teach a child a ton of accountability. Nothing like waking up in the morning and learning a hard lesson of stepping in a pile of poop after they slacked on nightly chores of taking the pets out !
  • They learn to love on another level. Pets cannot talk but can show love by snuggling, purring, squealing and yelping. When a child grows up with a pet by their  side even when they are fighting with siblings or even with parents it is a warm feeling to know their pet will always be there to comfort them .
  • Companionship. Growing up an only child I loved coming home to my cats! They didn’t steal my toys, eat my candy or ” borrow” my clothing LOL.  Going for a long walk in the woods with their favorite pet, riding in the car with their fur buddy or rolling around in the grass with their pets not only makes for some great memories but maybe even 5 minutes of alone time for a parent ?.kids and petskids and pets


kids and petskids and petskids and petskids and petskids and petskids and pets

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  1. Aww…these pics are so sweet! You are right, it definitely teaches the kiddos some good life lessons by having pets!

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