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keto os review

* The following review is strictly my opinion and the products were given complementary for that purpose. Although this product is NOT a weight lose product, please consult with a physician prior to starting any major health adjustment in your current lifestyle or taking supplements.


Keto Os review

keto os

From the pictures above you can see how good May and June were to me! Throw a beach vacation and about 12 date nights in the mix and that accounts for the weight GAIN going into the summer . I was looking for the opposite effect sooooo with this extra couple of pounds on hand ( as seen in the July 7th picture ) I was open to a product I had heard about a couple of times.

I truly do not mind being over 140 pounds but I’d LOVE to change not only my body composition but my health as a whole. I have the WORST sugar cravings, dairy intolerance and am a self proclaimed snack queen. I eat out of sheer boredom and have been known to indulge in the *occasional* buffet… or 7 but who’s counting anyways. As you can see, it’s surely not me #judgeaway
I have been inundated with ” weight loss” opportunities since I have expressed wanting to get my body back together. Many of the products do not fit my fancy but I’m always curious when I see a new product out there. I haven’t done any supplement product reviews so I was very careful about actually accepting any new offers. A company called Pruvit has been flooding my FB newsfeed for several months now and I decided to give it a try. The product that I kept hearing about is called Keto OS. Now, with the knowledge I have about keto acidosis (ketosis is WAY different) I was VERY leary starting this product. After a week full of research, videos, testimony and information from Pruvit I decided to go along with a 10 day experience. *Please watch the video under the highlighted word ” information” for in depth information. You can also email my rep for an awesome one on one chat !

Here is a picture I was sent when I first inquired about the product.

keto os

WARNING: I am not a physician . You should NEVER start a dietary supplement, athletic performance drug or workout routine with the green light from your personal physician. The best way to start any new routine that is “medical related” is to take that product to your physician to review and then do so under medical supervision:)

I received some information about the benefits of the product and I was super excited to start. Now, I think it’s fair to repeat once again with the fact that Keto OS is NOT a weight loss product and the over health benefits really enticed me. I was excited most about the clearing of my brain fog, better mood, healthy cell function and sustained energy. I’m generally a pretty cheerful person but after a long 24 hours of work and going home to the littles sometimes requires a little extra help… hello gallon of coffee.

The best part is while using the product is that you DO NOT have to change your diet while tsking your new supplements!! #win

The Pruvit website was pretty easy to navigate and I received my product pretty fast.

Let’s start my keto os review…..

Day 1 started out like any other day except the idea to skip our morning coffee. Usually there is no way in hell either BB or I would do such a thing. It give us life, keeps us alive and is our only hope some days when shuffling the schedules of all 5 kids. I wanted to have a clear picture without the coffee to see if this ” stuff” would really give us energy and boy we were surprised. We drank the Swiss Cacoa mix and made our way to the Home Depot which about 20 mins from home. As we got out of the car we LITERALLY danced into the store. It was the craziest thing I have ever experienced! I actually had the energy as if I drank several cups of coffee but I didn’t have the shaky hands or jitters. We were told to start out with a half a packet twice a day and boy am I glad we did. NOTE: Within 30 minutes of leaving the store I had quite a bit of stomach disturbance and remembered I didn’t eat that morning with all the morning excitement of starting our new Pruvit product. The second dose was taken around 5 and that was a HUGE no no for me. It’s nothing for me to drink coffee late and still sleep like a baby but with the new energy source my body was wired all night long.

Day 2

I not only ate early on before my pruvit keto os drink but also drank both drink early in the day. No stomach problems, no being up all night and another crazy boost of energy!

Day 3

I tried the orange flavor and unfortunately couldn’t stomach the taste while BB loved it! The evening portion was Maui punch and was by far my absolute favorite.

Days 4-8 were pretty uneventful AND the energy stayed which I was pretty shocked about . I totally expected to have decline of that large energy boost since I was a couple of days in but I was wrong.

Day 9 and 10

I started to have the feeling I was coming down with another dreaded summer bug and didn’t drink my keto supplement. I instead drank a ton of water, napped and took my DigestZen oil. My energy levels were way off but I luckily felt better later the next day. I took the day off and then got back to my daily regimen on day 12. NO OS supplement was consumed on day 11.

On the 12th day I finished out strong with the Maui max punch once my body started to feel ” normal” again and something strange happened. I had a noticeable difference in my belly as soon as I woke up. It was almost like the lipo goblins came and sucked all my muffin top up!

I was beyond shocked when I took my finishing pics and am excited to see what my next set of pictures look like .I haven’t weighed myself #1 because I want to be surprised #2 we don’t even own a scale LOL but as you can see the ” puff” in my midsection has gone down. That was a shock to me because even though I didn’t change my eating habits at all, I ate pizza twice during this 12 day period and buffet once and still lost inches. All in all I would recommend doing your own keto os review/ Pruvit ketones and see how you feel:

NOTE the above post was written in 2017. Since then I have had another baby and gained 65 pounds. It is now 2022 am I am on yet ANOTHER weight loss journey and have decided to try the keto diet. This time I’m starting with a strict diet and without using any fat burning products. So far it’s been very helpful making small lifestyle changes, properly hydrating and following a low-carb diet I had sent to me. I knew very little about the actual ketogenic diet ( the above post is about using KETO OS which are exogenous ketone supplements). So far I am not using any keto supplements and am in a state of ketosis. I will write more about my journey soon 🙂

keto os review

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