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What do you do when your mom tribe starts to fall apart? I’ve preached a thousand times about importance of an amazing mom-tribe. Finding like minded mothers that won’t judge you, your juice stained clothes or messy mom bun is hard to come by. When priorities, mindsets, life circumstances and views change it’s quite possible to feel like your tribe no longer fits your vibe.

That’s when it hits you…..

It’s not YOU ,it’s you…..GASP!!!

Have you ever found yourself uncomfortable in the company that you are used to keeping ? Nervous at the thought of having to sit through one more lunch with your Debbie downer friend? How about questioning the loyalty of those you would consider your ” friends”? Look… kid free time not only hard to come by but is needed. Why spend it with people that don’t make your day super amazing ? Do yourself a favor and move on to a new group of people who can make ya feel good ! Here are some tips to combat the mom break up blues and find yourself a new tribe that will not only lift you up but make mom life just that much easier.

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1) Find a new hobby that fits your current situation. When I moved to the farm last year I decided to get chickens and worms ( yes we farmed worms ). Since I knew nothing about either I would visit local farm stores and learn as much as I could from people who either worked there and were patrons . I would explain my story and I met a ton of people that not only wanted to help but also wanted to just chat in general. This was huge for me because now I had a wealth of knowledge right in my neighborhood and new built in friends! It worked out very well and soon some of those people became my friends for reasons outside of chickens.

2) Get back to having more ” you time “. It’s hard as parents to find time not only to be the best parents we can be but also find time for our friends and for ourselves. If you find yourself in the position that you don’t feel like you ” hang with your crew any longer ” take that time and spend it doing something extra special all by yourself . So instead of having your weekly lunch with the ladies, hook yourself up with a weekly shopping trip to the bookstore , a extra Target trip or a extra yoga class for the week . My go to is a trip to the local pho spot 🙂 Investing time into yourself pays off 100%. Remember my motto ” happy momma , happy family “.

3) Sit down and take inventory of where you are in life and the goals you have for yourself and family. As we grow older we change and have different priorities and ( hopefully) goals. The people I was friends with as a new 24 year old mom may or may not have the same visions I have for myself and my littles. Guess what ?….. that’s ok ! It’s ok to want more for yourself and family. It’s ok to not agree with your former BFF Lizzie who now believes children shouldn’t watch tv. People can do whatever they think is best for their current situations and you shouldn’t be offended ( as long as it doesn’t affect you). With that being said it doesn’t mean you have to be around those said people any longer. Yes it’s going to be a major bummer that the people/ person you once thought would be around forever won’t be. Yes, your kids may ask why they can’t see little Johnny anymore. It’s up to you as a parent to be strong, move on and wave it off Wanda !!


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  1. “Wave it off, Wanda!” Haha! Seriously though, I am SO lucky to have found you as part of MY mom tribe. I know we live forever away from each other, but you’re one of my besties! Love ya momma, you’ve got this!

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