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Christmas Decor

FYI:I even felt judged my Maui in this picture  #catitude  I’ve never decorated before Thanksgiving prior to this year but it will be a new tradition for us from now on. The last couple of weeks I’ve explained to several people why we decorated “ so early”. Let’s be serious…is it too early to decorate?  Before I explain it on the blog today, I want to say that I think everyone should do what makes your heart happy and if it’s decorating on November 1st like we did then have at it sister.   OK now onto the story before I get more sidetracked LOL  Last year we moved into a new house on January 1. I was heavily pregnant, we did a ton of moving and I was super stressed from the move. I knew how much work we had ahead of us and was so anxious bout it all. We decided as a family to not decorate for Christmas because we knew that as soon as we put everything up we have to take it back down and box it up to put it on the truck for the move and it just seemed like a really bad idea. Why add more stress to something that’s already stressful? We did put up one little pitiful fake paper tree on the wall and taped it up with two pieces of tape but lo and behold it fell to the floor before Christmas even arrived… *shocker*. We promised to go all out this year since we didn’t really celebrate through decorating last year and that’s exactly what we intend on doing. November 1 we put up three trees and by November 10th we had 13 big and little trees spread out all over the house. Pretty much every night we turn off all the lights, look at the sparkly Christmas lights shimmer on the trees and we play Christmas music. it’s truly been such a magical thing already and the holidays have just begun. It makes my heart so happy to see the kids enjoy something as simple as Christmas lights. From this year on we will always decorate in the beginning of November, it’s worth it just to see the smiles on the kids faces. XOXO MHS
too early to decorate
A fun project i did with the kids to start decorating

Looking for some decor ideas for your home? Let’s decorate! Here’s a good start.

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