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All you need is love, oh and coffee??

Saw this mug during my weekly (ok call me a liar …daily ) Target trip. Alright… let me start this by saying I initially lovvvvved this mug but…..with the day I just had I eventually scoffed LOUDLY at this saying. “What about dedication, hard work, forgiveness, drive, purpose, standing up for what you believe in, morals, core values and just plain not being a complete ass”????  Really, the list went on and freakin on in my head. I pushed the cart faster and faster and left in an even more pissy mood than when I came in.

So ridiculous right?! Wrong, so, so wrong. Feelings are NOT ridiculous and are there for a reason. While I wanted to jump from the roof of the little pity palace I built myself, all while screaming “I’m not built for this”, and land into a pit of anger and bitterness, for once….. I didn’t. Instead of continuing to be mad over a stupid $3 mug I really thought about WHY I was upset on the drive home. It literally had nothing to do with the fact that some little smiling ass, rose colored glasses wearing optimist, was coming up with a catchy mug wording and I wasn’t. It in fact, it had nothing to do with a clearance mug that caught my eye and pissed me off to no end, at all. It had LOTS to do with ME and the fact that in that moment I wasn’t happy and was tired AND to top it off, I was mad and irritable about someone’s actions that were way out of my hands. I can’t control others, but I can control how I react and in this moment I was being a complete baby.

This past week actually sitting down and truly thinking about why something makes me feel a certain way has really made me uncomfortable. Thinking about what the root of the problem is has lead me to remember a song I once wrote. It’s called ” People. Pretty simple but the I fact is I never even finished it however I find myself repeating it a lot these days. “People are people and that’s all they will ever be”. Pretty cut and dry, but also a good reminder that none of us have wings on our backs including myself.

On the way home tonight little person P asked me “What if work gets hard when I grown up?” I swear these kids are connected to my thoughts at all times!!! While I don’t find work “hard” I wanted to give an answer that she would use in all areas of her little 6 year old world. I told her ” Well honey …you don’t give up, you try harder or you try a different way and you pray.” There was silence from there on out. Not only silence in my car but silence in my thoughts about the last week.I looked in my rear view mirror and she smiled. I then smiled to myself and thought ” Maybe I am built for this?” 🙂

Update : Big J sent this to me tonight…. Sorta fitting huh?

” Heavy is the the head of he who wears the crown.”

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