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Edit: I wrote this last night , I considered deleting it but won’t because it’s ok to be vulnerable , it’s ok to show people I’m only human.
I’m currently having many first world problems and some not so first world problems. I woke up today to 3 fraudulent charges on my bank account. After spending forever on the phone I got no where. I have 8 broken nails from moving,I ripped another pair of Lularoe leggings and my damn hair got wet today. I went to the grocery store and lost my keys in there for 15 mins right  before school let out .I spilled a bag of cheetos in my truck and then realized the cheetos were the only thing I ate all day. I finally found my invisilign trays after they have been missing for 2 weeks and decided to clean them up. Unfortunately ,my back up trays got thrown out at work last shift and no one wanted to fess up so I had to make these fit again .I brought the trays home and boiled them since they had been found outside and were covered in dirt. You know what happened next !!  Forgot them on the stove while reading the kids a bedtime story. I smelled the burning plastic and even though I ran downstairs it was too late. As I came inside from literally throwing the pot on the sidewalk tears welled up in my eyes. I decided to take a shower and get in bed and look on FB. I just saw a video of Santa saying a child died in his arms at a children’s hospital. Suddenly, all of my recent problems seem not only small but very fixable. I had an old partner tell  me ” There are things that matter and things that don’t “. All of the above DO NOT really matter.  I think it’s important to validate my feelings a bit but not to stew in them. I could go on and on but for what ?? At this point I’ll just say ” Jesus” , put down my phone and close my eyes hoping for a better day tomorrow:)


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  1. What a terrible day. I’m so sorry. Tomorrow
    Will be better. Love ready your stories. Must say some are pretty darn funny

    1. Thanks Peggy! It actually got worse the next day 🙁 I wrecked my new truck on the way to school! Oh well…..such is life LOL

  2. Aw… I hate days like that! They’re the worst! Isn’t it funny though how we happen to see something like that story though after a day like that? Little reminders from the heavens I guess. It’s so hard being a mom and trying to remember a thousand things at once, but we are quickly put in our places when we hear sad things like that. I’m so glad you shared because this is real life, and we all have these moments! Xoxo

    1. Thanks Jill 🙂 It helps to know there are other mommmas out there with the same struggles xoxox

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