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The other day on the internet I witnessed a 76 year old women pump out 10 pull ups like it was her job! It literally gave me so much hope that the little lifestyle changes I make here and there will all come together and mean something one day. Hopefully that ” something ” will be the fact that I will look and feel better at 40 than I currently do. While that age is several years away I find that setting goals with exact time lines work very well for me.  My health journey has been so up and down considering the fact I’ve had several pregnancies over the past 9 years but let’s just start with the most current one.

I started off this pregnancy already 12 pounds up from my “normal body weight” due to the fact that I SOMEHOW got preggo just 3 weeks after the terrible lose of my previous pregnancy. I was EXTREMELY sick everyday of that pregnancy and the only cure was the eat frequently and keep my stomach full. I quickly gained 15 pounds and that weight gained stacked onto the new pregnancy weight gain = no bueno.

32 weeks pregnant
health journey
The day I gave birth to my rainbow baby I was 183 pounds.  That baby is now 35 months and 9 days old. Ok ok , almost 3 years old for those of us who don’t tell their children’s ages in obnoxiously long math problems LOL .


On the day I had him I would have sworn that my previous 127 pound frame was due to have a baby that weighed AT LEAST 35 pounds as uncomfortable as I was. Luckily,I wasn’t carrying a toddler in my belly and I was blessed with a 6 pound baby boy. Along with this postpartum body I was given a shelf belly that quickly replaced my Boppy pillow instead of size Z boobs like my middle pregnancy. As I wrote in my previous posts, each pregnancy gave me a little surprise and changed different body parts one by one.

Here’s me headed to the beach at 15 days PP rocking my bikini anyways

health journey
For the most part, my stomach area hasn’t gotten much smaller than that and I’ve stayed around 33-35 inches at my belly button line for the past 3 years. Now, as with every post I write related to my body struggle I get a lot of push back and a bag of eye rolls. Here are a a couple reasons why I have a HUGE problem with the extra belly fat.

1) I’m a career firefighter/ paramedic. The physical demands of this job become more and more difficult for me as I get older. I have literally grown to adulthood performing this job ( I was hired at 19) and it gets harder and harder every single year. Bones crack that didn’t used to, pains arise that were never there and carrying that 400 pound patient at 2 am after you have been running all day is WAY harder than it was when I was younger , thinner and more in shape.

2) Have you heard of the sugars ? Ya know that little thing called diabetes. Your risk of developing type 2 diabetes significantly increases if you are carrying a tire around your waist. I have probably come thousands of diabetes over the years and trust me, it’s not something to joke around with.

3) I spent 7k on other ” body improvements” after my first 2 and I’ll be damned if I let the rest of me go to heck.

With all of that being said, 3 weeks ago I decided to really step my game up and get (a little more ) serious about getting myself together on my health journey. I started using a product called Keto Os by Pruvit and a gallon of water a day challenge. Stay tuned to see how I’m doing and keep me encouraged!


I want to look and feel better….years later update

Its now 202o and I’m seriously considering starting drinking Keto Os by Pruvit once again! Did you see my post about how it turned out? Here it is


Anyways it’s now 3 years later and guess what? I had ANOTHER baby LOL

I’m now  starting my journey all over again now that my baby ( Baker ) is 15 months. I gained another 70+ pounds and had a 9 pound baby this time. I’m obviously years older than when I first wrote this post and my body has not only changed significantly but HOW my body processes everything has changed as well.

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