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How to get rid of bathroom smell-sewage

Do you have a sewage smell in your bathroom? If so, don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you’ve ever been in a bathroom that smells like sewage, you know how unpleasant it can be. But don’t worry – there are ways to get rid of the smell! In this blog post, we’ll share some tips on how to make your bathroom smell fresh and clean. Keep reading for more information.

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Bathroom smell

Identify the Source of the Smell

If you are experiencing a bathroom smell, it is likely that the smell is coming from the sewage system. There are a few things that you can do to try and get rid of the smell:

If you believe there is a blockage in the sewage line ALWAYS have a professional come and clear it. When wastewater from toilets, sinks, and baths is left untreated, it can become contaminated with harmful bacteria. This mixture of bacteria, waste, and oil can create an intense smell that can linger in the air for days. In some cases, this smell can be so overpowering that it can make it difficult to live in a property. If you’re noticing an unpleasant smell coming from your bathroom, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem.

Last month we had a foul smell in the hallway outside of the bathroom. As a mom of boys I usually associate urine smells with bathroom odor. This time that wasn’t that case as the smell got stronger and stronger after I tried my usual bathroom odor routine. After a few days I knew it was sewage and quickly sprung into inspector mode.

How to fix sewage smell in bathroom?

The first thing you will want to do is check the sink, tub and toilet for obvious cracks, leaks, excess moisture or anything else out of the ordinary. If you are unsure if it’s a actual sewer smell or just a foul odor it’s a good idea to check these items first.

  • Toilet seat- An unkept seat will emit urine odors through the entire bathroom. Make sure to properly clean your seat at least once a week and remove the entire seat for a deep cleaning monthly.
  • Toilet tank- I was surprised at the amount of buildup we had in our tank and used a plastic scraper to remove it. I then followed up by putting cleaner directly in the tank to cut down on bad smells in the bathroom.
  • Toilet bowl- This seems like a no brainer but if you aren’t actually scrubbing the bowl with a bristle brush or even with a gloved hand and a sponge that very well may the culprit for sewage-like smells.
  • The shower curtain- Once a month take your curtain down and wash it the soap scum with a tablespoon of white vinegar and hot water in your tub. Once every other day spray the curtain with a bottle of one cup of water, 1/2 cup of white vinegar and a few drops of essential oils.

There are several other reasons for the unpleasant smell, but let’s get into the nitty-gritties of things and figure out why you’re experiencing such a strong odor in your home.

Sink smells bad?

If the sink smells bad run the water to check the flow of the water in the pipes. If its slow try to clean the drain and run hot water with baking soda down the drain. Next follow it up with a cup of vinegar. Some people skip the all natural route and go straight to Drano. This Drano breaks down bathroom sink smells by dissolving the junk trapped in the drain over time. If none of these methods work you may need to clear the drain trap. Good news, I’ve done done it several times and it’s not as hard as it seems.

Shower smells like sewage?

If the shower already smells like sewage it is likely that the main drain pipes have an issue in your home. In one of our rentals we didn’t know there was a drainage issue until sewage literally backed up into our downstairs shower! It was a nightmare and very costly. If you smell this coming from your drain consult a professional for the end solution but in the mean time you can use these methods. 

There are a few ways to remove the shower drain cover if you are experiencing a strong bathroom smell. One option is to use a plunger to suction onto the cover and pull it off. Another option is to use a plunger and a bucket to suction onto the cover and push it off. If neither of these methods work, you can try pouring a pot of hot NOT boiling water down the drain to clear out any sewage buildup.

 Cleaning the drain with a drain snake is a easy option as well. I like this one because it’s inexpensive and simple to use to loosen a clogged shower drain. Just remember to use a shower hair drain cover to prevent hair from building up in the future. As stated above this a temporary fix and you should consult a professional to get to the root of the issue.

Toilet odor

If you are experiencing a foul odor coming from your bathroom, it may be due to a wax ring loose at the toilet base. The wax seal at the base of the toilet might even be missing or deteriorated. Over time, this circular piece of wax can get misplaced or worn down and put off a foul smell. The easiest way to test this wax ring at the bottom of the toilet is to place one knee of each side of the toilet and attempt to rock it to see if it moves.

We experienced this a few months ago and we noticed a small amount of water leaking from around the base of the toilet. To fix the problem, you will need to remove the toilet, replace the wax ring and clean the area thoroughly. The best way to replace a wax ring can be found here. As a weekly upkeep I use plain fresh scent shaving cream. Spread it around as an odor eliminator around the toilet on the bathroom floor.

Once the unpleasant odor is gone

If you have been struggling with a smelly bathroom? Hopefully the problem is not with your sewage system, but with the source of the smell. In order to get rid of that unpleasant bathroom odor, you will first need to identify the root of the problem. Once you figure out one of the above issues out you need to take it one step further to make your home smell fresh.

Bathroom ventilation and simple air flow is a very important part of keeping the bathroom smelling fresh. The most common way to ventilation a bathroom is to install a fan and open a bathroom window. Once you have fresh air flowing into the bathroom this a perfect opportunity to do a deep clean in the bathroom from the top to the bottom. Spending 5 minutes a day tidying up and cleaning the restroom is not only beneficial to your families health but is a great way to cut down on bad odors.

 We hope you enjoyed the tips we’ve shared today. If not, no worries! There are many more ways to make your bathroom smell fresh and clean. You may want to try one of these methods or experiment with different combinations. Just do what you can until you find what works best for you. With a little patience and time, there’s no doubt that your bathroom will be smelling as good as new and not like sewage in no time at all! Do any of these tips work for you? 

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