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Free Gift Cards
Free Gift Cards

Ok… So I get it. You’re probably like me and ALWAYS think to yourself “Yeah right” when you see posts like this.

I wouldn’t share anything with you guys that I’m not currently using and know for a fact is true! I get free gift cards to some of my favorite places like Amazon, Walmart and Home Goods using this simple app

Disclaimer: As usual, any link that is mentioned in Mommy Hasn’t Showered my be an affiliate link. I may receive payment from your participation. Thanks Again 🙂

How do you get free gift cards?!

The app is called Fetch Rewards and it was been AMAZING since day one. I not only use it for groceries but for trips to get diapers, animal feed and clothes for the kids. I recently just learned you can hook your online purchases up so they can count too!

This is a shot of my home screen. This is like having $13 in your account. One grocery trip to the store and I’m half way there to getting a FREE manicure:)

free gift cards
free gift cards

The above picture is a shot of the bonus items you can buy. Yes… you can get an extra $4 to your trip added from buying beer for your husband!!

They have cool features such as meal inspiration, grocery lists and freebies in the app. I’m the type of person who will spend 30 minutes writing a list for the store and then leave it on the counter SMH. Now, I have my list right there in an app I always use while at the store. If you want to join in on the fun make sure you check it out here. You also get an extra $2 for participating under this code. 3QDW7

I hope you love Fetch Rewards as much as I do!

Update: We cashed our points in at $50 and got a Canon Printer from Amazon with a Visa gift card! Next we got back up to $10 and cashed in for an Amazon gift card for some pens and a journal. The next cash out was for $25 and I bought this coyote pest deterrent for my garden. We are currently back up to 22k points and plan to wait until Christmas 2020 to cash our points in again.



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