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how do I do it all

How Do I Do It, All?

There hasn’t been a week that has gone by in the last year where I’m not asked ” how do you do it all?” Here I am pictured above running on about 3 hours of sleep feeding my chickens in between cooking dinner and doing my 4th load of laundry for the evening . I always chuckle a bit when asked this question because I’m secretly thinking to myself ” if you only knew !”

I find myself like many other parents overwhelmed the second I wake up in the morning . Thoughts of the 1924606 billion things I have to do for the day immediately rush into my head and gets my heart pumping .Getting the kids dressed, hair brushed , lunches packed , animals fed, and remembering my deliveries for the day are my main priorities every morning . Let’s not even talk about brushing my teeth, hair, putting on my face and finding a reasonably clean outfit to throw on! If we make it out the door and out of the driveway without my turning around to get something it’s a miracle . TWICE last month I forgot my 2 years old shoes and realized it about 1 hour into our drive ? One of those days I had 3 business meetings and drank so much coffee during my commute I peed myself in the car #mombladder ?. Imagine me shuffling into Ross at 9 am carrying a shoeless 2 year old under my arm trying my best to not let him touch my pee soaked outfit ! I had to buy a pair of shoes for him and a change of clothes for myself ? Boy THAT was a fun day !!

We all know that super fit, well dressed,  perfect” Barbie doll mom who literally has wind blowing gently  through her hair everywhere she walks as she enters her perfectly clean minivan and drops her kids off to school right ?! Well I hate to break it to ya folks …that ain’t me ! I’ll be lucky if I don’t have dirty diapers falling out of my truck as I drop my kids off           ( late ) to school every morning.

Moral of the story is, while some parents appear to ” do it all” we struggle just as much as you do . Don’t ever compare yourself to anyone else. In fact, right now I probably have about 3 loads of clean laundry sitting on my laundry room floor ? Excuse me while I go find a pair of super granny panties to throw on so I can take myself to bed and ” do it all ” over again tomorrow.



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