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Helpful Tips to a Journaling Routine

Creating a routine with your journaling practice is the best way to ensure you will do it every day, and benefit the most from it. If you only use your journal every once in a while, it is hard to know if it is helping you at all. Here are some tips for sticking to the journaling routine you create for yourself.

Pencil it in

When you first start a new routine, any routine, you need it to become a habit. Before you can do that, it will have to be scheduled in. You want to add it to your daily planner or calendar just like any other appointment or event you have. Treat it like an assignment you have every day, something you have to do before the day is over. Whether it is added to your night or morning routine, you need to stick to it by having it written on your schedule each and every day. This was tricky for me at first as a work from home mom since my days are very unpredictable. I try to keep everything flowing at the same time but leave open spots in my day to fill in things that I might have missed due to circumstances out of my control. Ex: Kids puking, Baker missing his morning nap or there not being enough coffee or tea in the entire universe to get me going for the day.

Start Small

If you are having trouble sticking to your journal routine, simplify it a little bit. Don’t try to have a complex daily routine where you start 5 different habits at the same time. You need to pick just one thing, and keep it as simply as possible. Maybe with your journal, you just write for 5 minutes every morning, or you follow one journaling prompt every day. Then you can gradually use your journal more, add other topics, or add other activities to the routine.

Set Up A Journaling Space

If possible, try to have a dedicated space in your home for your journaling routine. It should be somewhere that is quiet and peaceful during the time of day you want to use your journal. Keep your journal, pens, and maybe some art supplies in the area as well. You might also want to set it up with decorative items, candles or an essential oil diffuser to have ambiance. I actually sit in “Mom’s spot” at the dining room table. That way I can see the kids playing and have a nice view of the yard and my chickens.

Find a Journal You Love

Want to journal every day and actually enjoy doing it #selfcare ? You need a journal you LOVE. Not just one that you have lying around or that works, but isn’t that great. Really take your time to find a journal that is affordable for you, the size you want, and has pages set up how you want them. Having a pretty cover might seem superfluous, but it can make all the difference. Add to that a pen you love to write with, and suddenly journaling is an activity you look forward to.

Below are some journals and notebooks I’ve created.

What are of your favorite journaling ideas or tips? I’d love for you to share some with me!



Good Loved Prayer Bible Journal

journaling routine

Excuse Excuse Work Excuses Business

journaling routine

Self Care Journal Calendar Publishers

journaling routine

Cute Cat Notebook Bell Publishers

journaling routine

Kim S Planner Bell Publishers

journaling routine

Nope Not Today Bell Publishers

journaling routine

Just Between Us Between Children

journaling routine

Sksksk Notebook Hydroflasks Paperback Notebbo

journaling routine

Planner Woman Run Household Agenda

journaling routine

Planner Women Run Household Agenda

journaling routine

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helpful tips to a journaling routine

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