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Happy EMS week

EMS weeks is always fun for us for one reason…. extra snacks at the hospital:) I want to share several stories during this week but think it’s important to talk business first . As I finish out my shift here on the medic unit I’m going to share a couple of tips that will keep you safe for the summer. Happy EMS week!

1) Stay hydrated 

Many of our summer medical emergencies come from people depriving themselves of one of the most important things for our bodies. WATER!!! With all the cookouts, concerts and yummy summer drinks, alcoholic beverages are consumed a little more and we run many medical because of it . You should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water and day and add more according to your activity level. If you are sweating YOU NEED to be drinking water to accommodate that fluid loss.


With the weather becoming more and more pleasant people decide to walk places instead of driving . If possible please use sidewalks, walk ways and crosswalks. We see a spike in pedestrian VS vehicle during the summer season and many of these accidents can be avoided by being safe while on foot. Also … to all the parents and caregivers out there .. HOLD your childrens hands! Please don’t let young children walk near busy streets without supervision and talk to them about bike and motorized vehicle safety. Just a quick reminder as they leave out of the door can go a long way .


This topic is very wide and includes drinking and driving , motorcycle safety , wearing seat belts and not driving like a maniac in general. The amount of unnecessary accidents we run because of people who are intoxicated increases substantially during the summer months . The unfortunate part is most of the time the individual who chooses to drive impaired usually walks away injury free while someone else is left dead, mamed or forever changed. PLEASE call a friend , Uber or know your limits.

I work near the beltway and a major road with a significantly long stretch of straight flat ground . This has invited motorcycle racing , street 4 wheeling and moped riding. A lot of the time none of the operators are wearing helmets and perform dangerous tricks while driving . For the love of GOD please DO NOT participate in these activities. Dancing on your motorcycle ( yes that’s a thing ) , riding on sidewalks and doing wheelies is NOT cool and is dangerous to yourself and those around you . Please don’t make the mistake of ending your life or endangering the lives of those around you for the next best video on the internet .
I will be checking back in during this EMS week and hope everyone takes these tips and files them in the back of their minds !

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