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halloween kids

Halloween Fun


Fall Friday nights ARE.THE.BEST! Pizza, pumpkin patches, crafts, fall festivals and outdoor movies are our Friday night jam! We kicked off this fall with the best night EVER along with a special surprise. This year we were dressed for the occasion and super cute in our matching jammies from Sleepyheads. The best part about Sleepheads is that they offer other patterns for Halloween AND some great options for other holiday and nightly wear! Sleepyheads for the win!

OOOOOHHHH, if you could have seen the look on the kid’s faces when I whipped out our “outfits” for our evening fun! We love to share the fun over hereI’ve teamed up with Sleepyheads to do an AM-A-ZING giveaway to bring the same smiles to other little faces! Head on over to my IG  for a chance to win 4, yes 4 pairs of these comfy and festive pajamas 🙂 This giveaway will run until September 30th, 2017 at noon EST so get in while you can.



scary eyes

In previous years I have taken a chance and have gotten the kids paint, glitter, feathers and real pumpkins as our kick off pumpkin decoration. I finally learned my lesson last when I had to LITERALLY shovel a glittery pile of pumpkin slop off of the living room floor because we decorated pumpkins early in the season and didn’t preserve the pumpkins afterward. I got hip to the game and decided to use crayons this year which not only saved our pajamas but MY sanity!

Kids Halloween

I was so impressed that we finished our pumpkin project without any tears and the littles actually got along the entire time. #momwin

kids playing

pumpkin project

halloween giveaway


An even big win is that I got my other half to participate in on the fun after the kids went to bed. As a household with 5 kids, we have to take “date nights” when we can. Sometimes the date consists of ice cream and a movie on the couch which quickly turns into 5 minutes of a movie and a nap LOL. We decided to celebrate the first Friday of fall with our matching pajamas and watching HGTV reruns. Our dog was kinda jealous that we all had matching outfits and insisted on being in our first picture!


The phone almost fell on my face twice during selfie time HA!


We struggled to get a full body shot of how cute we were in our new “matchy matchy”nighttime attire. In this picture, we had just finished laughing at me almost falling off of the couch while posing! Heres to more Friday night fun and here’s to Sleepyheads!






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