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grove winter

I’ve teamed up with Grove Collaborative to make our new home a safe, clean and bright environment for the new year. #ad #grovepartner

I’ll admit.. I was the basic “bleach the heck out of everything” person for YEARS. Being in public safety for many years had me more than paranoid about me accidentally introducing germs to my littles. With a little one on the way once again, I obviously want to make sure that our home is clean but also SAFE for the babies little lungs. Using bleach on EVERYTHING chokes the heck out of anyone who walks in the door and there is NO WAY I want to subject the baby to that.

grove cleaner

Honestly, I really fell in love with the products during the holidays because of all of the yummy scents. The classic “Lemon Verbena” scent is a household favorite and I opted to order more of that scent for our everyday use. The counter spray doesn’t leave the yucky film that a lot of other cleaners leave which is great since we spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

I was a big chain store “super-scented” hand soap user for more years than I care to recount. The Grove hand soap has such a pleasant and non-overbearing scent to it, I even put one in my children’s bathroom.

grove lotion
grove products

The scrubber sponge seriously lasts for such a long time!

grove dish soap

A couple of drops of the dish soap goes a long way. This is perfect for our family because with 7 soon to be 8 people in our home we do dishes A LOT!

If you have never had a chance to try Grove or would like re-up on some of your favorite goodies here ya go. I can gift you a 5 piece gift set! WOOOHOOO

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