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keeping up with friends as you get older

If you follow my blog you know I’m quite the social butterfly. So when Six Flags America here in Maryland invited me along with other amazing media specialists, bloggers and tv personalities to the annual crab feast and beach party I was beyond excited! 

The kids loved going to Six Flags for the EMS celebration for Mother’s Day so I knew they would just LOVVVVE going again! The day came and wouldn’t you know it …. forecast for rain THE ENTIRE DAY. Ok, at first I thought ” Oh we can still go and the rides will be open , a little rain won’t hurt us. Unfortunately that ” rain” turned into thundershowers and I knew that with my luck we I’d pick the kids up from camp, we’d head over the the park and it would close 5 minutes after we arrived >>>enter child meltdown alert <<<. Yeah, no thanks #nottodaysatan.
Luckily, my BFF and coordinator to chaos Tippy was able to go with me and boy did we have a freaking blast ! It’s rare that you actually get to ” live a little”, dance and giggle in the rain, eat like hogs and meet amazing people ALL in one day! I truly haven’t laughed that hard in forever:) Here are some pictures of the amazing time we had.

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  1. Good job here.You know what?I like your writing style.I’m also a blogger and its so difficult sometimes.My time will come but I know I’m on the right path.PS.I’m gonna have to share this post!

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