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How would you like a free super simple emergency fund planner one page worksheet? Do you currently have a plan in place? Why do you ever need one? Are you wondering what I’m even talking about? I’ve got you covered!

An emergency fund is a savings account that you set up to cover unexpected costs, like a car repair or medical bill. Having an emergency fund will help you avoid debt and keep your financial situation stable in the event of an unexpected expense. Here are four reasons you should have an emergency fund:

1. You’ll be less likely to go into debt if something unexpected comes up.

2. You’ll be able to cover expenses quickly and without having to borrow money from friends or family.

3. An emergency fund will help you build stability in your finances, which can lead to better long-term decision-making.

4. Having an emergency fund will make it easier for you to pay off debts and save.

Wondering how to make extra money to go towards this fund?

Enjoy this free emergency fund planner .

emergency fund planner

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