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As we close yet another year of EMS Week I want to highlight one of the best perks of being in the emergency medical services field…my co workers! There is so much truth in the saying that the “fire department is like one big happy family”. I have had the pleasure of pretty much growing up in the fire department. I was hired at the age of 19 and have met some of the most amazing people. It makes life so much easier to go through life events with people by your side that not only have the same mentality but the same passions that I do! Another side of us working hard together is playing hard together with our families. This mothers day we got the pleasure of going to Six Flags America located right in the county that we serve for a “Six Flags America Supermoms” day of fun. My oldest had been to Six Flags before but my younger 2 had never gone so it was a pretty special day seeing the excitement and awe on their faces all day long 🙂

looney tunessuper woman



We started out the day at the Grand Theater surrounded by many other “Super moms” and their kids.


We were given capes and crowns ( y’all know I was in heaven LOL) and took pictures in front of the fountain as we mingled. MOMMY TIP: Don’t turn your back on a two year old near a fountain on a hot spring day, they just might TRY to take a swim. Luckily, my mom accompanied us and had granny eagle eye on the kids all day which helped me tremendously.

grand theatre

The park offers a ton of rides for kids of all ages which is nice because there was something for all of our kids to do. All of the super moms had kids from infant age to teen aged years which made for a fun filled day for all. One thing that I loved was the ample amount of snack stations sprinkled around the park which was great for a quick drink in between rides. We utilized the all you can drink passes for the day which I now know is a MUST if you plan to spend a couple of hours at the park. Another thing that I was super impressed with was the variety of food that the park offered. My mom has celiac disease that prevents her from eating gluten and she had no problem finding food that could accommodate her needs. Speaking of my mom, we somehow convinced her to ride a couple of kiddie rides with the girls and she had a blast!

grandmother and kids


My 2 year old is OBSESSED with trains and the look on his face the entire ride was priceless. If it was up to him we would have been on the train all day long.

boy on train


I’m not big on rides ( I have a super weak stomach) but I had a great time riding the train around the park. The train was not only a nice break from walking around from ride to ride but it provided a good view of most of the rides the park has to offer. My kids were especially interested in a ride they wont be old enough to ride this year but are excited to ride in the future. The Super woman ride opens up in the beginning of June and is the classic kids swing ride on steroids! Although my stomach won’t like it I think I will be putting my cape back on and riding this ride at least once this summer 🙂

mom and baby

I’m not sure how I could beat this amazing Mothers day spent at the park but we will be sure to make another trip there again soon.







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  1. I’m so glad you got the opportunity to have this fun day with your kids! SO cool! And you are right – with a firefighter/EMT hubby, I visit the firehouse a lot and it definitely is like a big family, so neat 🙂

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