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Make This a December to Remember

Make This a December to Remember

As November closes out and the new year is right around the corner I find myself ( like many other people ) trying to think of how I can make next year ” the best year ever !” It’s always around this time that I take a close look at my actions , plans , goals, attitude and trials from the year and see how I could have improved . Literally, for the first time EVER  I  can say I can look back and not wish to change a lot from the year so far . That’s a huge accomplishment for me 🙂

I’m really pleased with the way this year has played out and how I’ve kept my crazy tucked in during times of chaos ? There is one reoccurring theme that I’ve yet to tackle year after year and it’s actually never been a goal of mine until now. Many people who read this blog who personally know me know I will pretty much say yes to anyone and anything. I have found myself in some really awesome situations doing so and can honestly say I have become a well-rounded person because of it. Forcing yourself  to learn and do things that you wouldn’t normally do can really change your outlook on the way you view YOUR world and the people who live in it. Also, learning to think on your feet in situations that are kind of just thrown in you lap by others can have its benifits as well. With that being said 2017 will be the year of coming from a place of “yes”. Now some of you may be confused by what I’m saying but try to keep up with my train of frazzled thoughts LOL. With everything I just explained it appears I already come from that place… right?! What I mean by coming from a place of “yes” for the upcoming year means that I’m going to actually start saying “no” to people. With all the positive words I just put into explaining about how awesome it is to tell people yes all the time, I will also share some honesty and tell you it causes some issues with the things that I enjoy and my personal time. Constantly saying yes and always helping others can leave me where I’m frequently “burning my candle at both ends”. I’ve always had the thought that If I’m able to help someone else even if it costs me (not always monetarily) is the right thing to do. I have to be honest yall……its gotten very tiresome and sometimes old. So for all of you who thought about asking me to come help you clean your gutters this fall or help your Great Aunt Sally move in January, please know that for once in my life I might actually say “NO!” 🙂 Thanks for following me on this journey guys 🙂





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