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As you know, I am a die hard coffee drinker. The hot cups of happiness that I consume everyday have pretty much become my favorite morning ritual. There is something about the smell as soon as the beans hit the grinder that instantly wakes me up. Over time, the impatience while I wait for my French press has gotten so real! As soon as it’s ready I pour into one of my 50 favorite mugs and add a little cream (don’t judge me ). The morning is simply not a morning without my coffee!

Enjoying coffee is not only a routine at home but a firehouse tradition. It keeps us alert during the longest shifts and brings us together every morning as a crew. All the worlds problems have been solved over a cup of coffee in a firehouse kitchen! It’s quite a sight to see every shift with 10 of us huddled around laughing, debating and sharing stories while drinking a cup of morning Joe.

One might wonder if coffee consumption is really good for you and your system . I believe as with anything else in life that everything is good within moderation. Here is a quick quiz to determine whether or not coffee might even be a health drink .

The best part about this quiz is that the proceeds are donated to an amazing cause.

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