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carseat picture

As a parent, safety is a top priority on my list.  As a firefighter/ paramedic, I have seen first hand the devastation that can occur with the improper use of car seats. Thousands of children are killed or injured every year because of the lack of knowledge on proper car seat usage. Please take some time out of your day TODAY to perform a car seat check!


Here are some tips for parents:

When you buy or receive a new car seat, unwrap the manual and actually read it! Not only is it there to show you the proper placement for your child, but how to properly install it into your vehicle. The information will also include steps to register the car seat. Registration of a car seat is imperative because if there is ever a recall you will be notified.

Do a wiggle test. Does your seat rock or wiggle excessively if you shake it? If the answer is yes, your seat isn’t installed properly.

EDIT: It’s now winter and this needs to be said OVER and OVER and OVER. Please DO NOT place your child in a car seat or booster seat with their coat. The amount of wiggle room it leaves when compressed during an accident leaves enough spae for your child to fly out of the car seat.

If you are unable to secure your seat or if you are unsure if the car seat is installed properly don’t be afraid to reach or to the local police station, fire station or local hospital. If they are not certified to install or test car seats they will point you in the right direction. Check out more information on

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