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Can you even believe it? It’s finally fall which means its time to talk about the best fall decor!! With the way spring 2020 had gone, I honestly didn’t think fall would ever make it LOL. Bring on the bon fires, cozy sweaters and the best fall decor!

Best fall 2020 decor


Huge State canvas decor

States canvas


Best fall 2020 decor porch ideas

Before taking that plunge into spending for furniture to deck out your patio, balcony or porch, it would be best to know what to look for in outdoor furniture.

It may not be very difficult to look for certain characteristics especially when making your choices, but is it also equally important to know what things you need to look out for or be wary of, that way you not only get to save money and effort, but also be more fulfilled by making a wise and smart decision on your purchase of the right outdoor furniture.

Here are some things to consider when generally looking for outdoor furniture.

It can be easily stored during winter or when it is not being used. This is mainly because even if it is made up of durable materials, it does not mean that it does not decay or get damaged.

So making sure that it is easily stowed makes you more confident of ever protecting your outdoor porch decor.

A good alternative would be outdoor foldable chairs and tables, which can also not eat up a lot of space.

Another alternative is to purchase covering for the outdoor furniture to protect it from the sun and the rain.

If possible, look for outdoor porch decor that is easy to move around. Not just because for protection, but also for purposes of easily shifting positions and transferring the furniture to suit your style or decoration purposes.

You may also try to look into outdoor porch decor that can be accented with some other accessories that you could mix and match to make it change styles as often as you want, which include garden chairs and tables, umbrella, canopy, sofas, seat cushions and a whole lot more.

Another basic consideration when looking for outdoor porch decor is comfort and convenience, this is so because outdoor furniture is intended to be used for relaxation and lounging out during idle times of rest and leisure, so the more comfortable the furniture the better.


If you have several kids around, also try make sure that your choice of outdoor porch decor is child and (over here) animal friendly.

This is how it should always be considered in the first place, especially if you are somebody who wants to get the best deal for your money and besides, who wouldn’t want to?

For those who do not may not have a general idea of how to take care of porch decor here are some thoughts.

Outdoor furniture made of light or water- absorbent materials like fabric, wood- except cedar and teak, and mixed materials may need to be stored indoors or made sure to have it covered when not in use.

This way the elements will not be able to cause damage to the material.
Although cedar and teak are two of the most common yet durable materials used for outdoor furniture, the only concern that you may have in maintaining it would be to simply sand it at least once a year to remove any signs of stressed wood particles that could potentially spread out and damage the entire structure over time.

Best fall 2020 decor at hobby Lobby

40% fall products

Farmhouse favorites

Best fall 2020 dining room decor

Your dining room/kitchen is the room in your house where most of the living takes place. It’s where your family gathers to watch television, read, and generally unwind and relax after a busy day. It’s also the room where company gathers during parties and holidays. But you’re struggling to come up with decorating ideas and strategies for it, and you worry that your budget isn’t big enough to do the job justice. But with a little planning, creativity, and ingenuity, your dining room can be a relaxing environment where you can unwind or entertain with comfort and ease.

Consider pulling pieces you have in other rooms into your dining room to use. A short, double-sided dresser can easily become a buffet when a table runner and an arrangement of candles or a colorful flower centerpiece is placed on top.

Use your furniture arrangement to define functional areas. Strategically placed floor rugs, lamps and furniture can create zones in your home. You can arrange your seating to take advantage of a focal point, such as a television, picture window or a fireplace. You can also find affordable component pieces that combine functional storage with fashionable decorating lines. Tables with drawers and shelves add valuable, and a simple desk doubles for homework, household management, bill paying and filing.

When accessorizing your room, remember that less is more. Choose neutral colors and accent with colorful textured throws, rugs, and other decorative and artistic elements. Keep the balance of your room in perspective. You don’t want to overwhelm a small room with large, bold pieces, nor do you want to place smaller, neutral pieces in a large room where they’ll get lost.
If you’re working with used furniture, try distracting from worn upholstery or a faded finish by using colorful toss pillows or table runners. Bright curtains can distract from a faded carpet and breathe new life into an old room. I love a good eclectic piece for any room to spice it up!

Here is one of my favorite seasonal DIYers on Youtube.

best fall 2020 decor

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