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how to start a homestead

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Welcome to our HOMESTEAD

We are excited for this new adventure. From gardening to farming, we share our adventure with you.

For instance, if you want a big garden, you can see some of our tips here.

Furthermore, want to see baby chicks? This just may be your spot!

Here is just a snippet from one of our Homestead posts:

The best advice is to start small. Don’t get in over your head with a big homestead, if you have no idea how to run one. But if you start small adding new features each year. Then your success rate and confidence level will increase over time.

For instance, if don’t know anything about growing a garden. Then just start with one plant rather than a full-fledged garden. You’re more likely to not get overwhelmed and give up half way through the growing season.

Same goes for getting animals for your homestead. Start small if you have no experience with farm animals. Buying a few chickens is a good start, you can learn the ropes and gain some benefits with getting eggs to eat. Then later on you can buy a couple goats or sheep, before moving up to owning a cow.

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