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Can you believe that it is already May of 2020? This year has just been flying by and for a lot of us, it has not necessarily been the most positive year ever experienced. If this sounds like yourself, I urge you to try your best to turn it around. Only you can take your situation and squeeze the lemons, to make lemonade.


Personally, I want to make the rest of this year as positive as possible, so it’s not all too surprising that I have been trying to think of positive resolutions that will impact my life in a beneficial way. Generally speaking, if a lot of people take on this perspective and aim to make 2020 the best year yet (going forward), more than likely, most of these resolutions that they set for themselves will be small.

Some might vow to spend a little less time on social media. They might encourage themselves to head to the gym once a week. This is all great! But, why not take things a step further and take active (larger) steps to make the rest of your year truly memorable for yourself and for your family? The turn of a new page (after all of these stay-at-home orders are released) could be the perfect opportunity to make some major changes in your life! If this sounds great to you, here are a few to consider:

Move To A New Home

If you absolutely adore your home and it meets all of your needs and requirements, you don’t really need to move. However, this isn’t what holds most of us back. Many of us are not completely satisfied with our properties, but we avoid moving, as we want to avoid any unnecessary stress or hassle.

Sure, moving home CAN be a long and stressful experience, don’t get me wrong. You have to deal with real estate agents, you have to conduct viewings, you have to arrange the sale of your current property and the purchase of the next. But, all of this really could be worth it! Moving to a new home gives you an opportunity to find a property that is better tailored to your needs and that can accomodate you more comfortably. Plus, if you are not satisfied with your area, or your family is just needing a huge change for the better, a new city could be the perfect opportunity.

Make a Positive Move

Like I said, a move can be hard, but use “can” as a keyword. There might be some stress involved, but don’t make it harder than it needs to be! Instead, utilize professionals to help you with the process. For example, a great real estate agent can lead the way, reducing your stress. Another business that can help you tackle your move, without added stress is Bates Moving & Storage.

A History Lesson

Bates Moving & Storage has a long history behind them – one that you can believe in. Their operations began in Salisbury in 1964 as an extension of a then century-old moving company that was located in Baltimore, Maryland. Believe it or not, to this day, they are owned and operated by members of the fourth and fifth generations of a family that is extremely experienced when it comes to the moving business. After five generations and 128 years of experience behind them, you can bet right that they know what they are doing! If you are looking for long distance movers Wicomico County, a company to help you with international shipments, or even local moving services, they can help you out.

Bates Moving & Storage believes in a job that is well done. They do their best to ensure that your move handled with minimum inconvenience and maximum satisfaction. They say, “ Based on the surveys mailed to every customer and other objective measures of safety compliance and on-time servicing, Bates Moving & Storage is currently ranked at the top of our division nationwide. Furthermore, we have consistently received recognition as one of the top 7% of over 500 agents nationwide based on our customers’ willingness to recommend our services. Nearly 98% of our customers surveyed said they definitely would recommend us to their friends and family. Considering the competitive nature of the moving industry, we take great pride in this accomplishment.”

Bates Moving and Storage employees are here to assist you.

If you’re looking into moving as a positive change in your life, make sure you call them. This will help your move to be stress-free. They are upfront, honest, professional, and the best when it comes to any all all moving-related needs.

Go On A Dream Vacation

If you’ve wanted to head to a particular location in the world, this year may be the time to tick it off your bucket list. Of course, that is as long as travel becomes less stressful and a bit more safe. Now, you may be thinking you couldn’t possibly afford the vacation of your dreams on a whim. Remember you don’t have to go on a whim. As a matter of fact, you can start planning now. As a result, this will give yourself time to save, and have something really awesome to look forward to.

Also consider your budget. Cut out non-essential costs as much as you can. My friend cancelled her weed control and mosquito control to reduce pesticides around her home AND save money — a win-win! In addition, take on extra work if you can. There are so many steps that you can take to get you closer and closer towards that plane ride.

Pick Up A New Positive Life Skill

There are certain skills that stick with us for life. Some skills can really benefit us in the long run. So, why not focus on learning a new one? One that will benefit you in the long-run. Put your spare time to good use (you might have a ton of free time right now!). Rather than just scrolling through social media or lounging absent-mindedly in front of the television. Learn to drive. You can also learn a language. In addition, you can also learn how to do something that will bring in extra income. Whatever you choose, dedicate yourself to it and you will see results relatively quickly.

A few positive changes that you choose to make can have a huge change on your overall life. Consider incorporating them into your life, especially now, if you have little to nothing else to do. As a result, see how much happier they have the potential to make you and your family. This makes those changes worth it!



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