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You might be feeling a bit burned out so I’ve put together some items to have a spa day at home…

No better way to relax than to do a bit of self-care

Why not have a spa day at home?! The kids really enjoy Sundays when we paint nails, do face masks and soak our feet in the tub together. This is taking it a step further and is incorporating my top 7 items to have a spa day at home.

P.S. There’s a little treat at the bottom of the post 🙂 Don’t miss out

have a spa day at home

What’s a spa day at home without a facial steam? This steamer comes with a bonus set of facial tools which I won’t be allowing the kids to use. Me on the other hand, I’ll be going to town on these mid life monster zits I’ve been getting !

Face masks are a MUST when it comes to spa day. They have so many different scents, colors and materials. A 12 pack like this is good for us because 4 girls doing facials on a weekly basis can add up very quickly.

The lotion is so creamy but not greasy. I little goes a very long way. The best part is the fragrance stays on your skin pretty much all day. I first found Hempz lotion as a sample in my monthly Ipsy bag. After I ran out of the sample I used my CVS rewards bucks to buy a big bottle but never bought it again because it’s hardly ever on sale. I caught it on Groupon this year and couldn’t believe my eyes!

When I saw that this had a remote control I couldn’t leave this product off of the list. Picture this…..relaxing in your favorite chair, face mask on, ambient music playing and then changing the color of your mister FROM YOUR HAND without even leaving your chair. *MIND BLOWN*

I didn’t know what this was with first glance. When I opened the link and saw that its an electric massage gun, my head pretty much spun off of my shoulders. THIS IS A GAME CHANGER people! Now…I’ll have to supervise the kids while they use this because I can only imagine the type of trouble they could get into with this thing but I’m going to love every minute of this wonderful machine. With several different speeds and attachments every ache and pain could be tended to very quickly and efficiently without me having to make a visit to the masseuse. With Covid 19 shutting down more massage parlors, the treat to have a spa day at home is the only way to go right now.

Take me back the 80’s and 90’s please! I had an assortment of scrunchies growing up and this entire vsco girl movement is letting me relive my glory days once more! The girls LOVE to do my hair, brush it, braid it and sometimes blow dry it so these will come in handy during our spa days at home.

This should have been #1 on my list because how can you have a spa day without a nice robe to throw on? DUH. I really adore how soft and comfy these robes are. The best part is they are reasonable priced.


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