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Since I split time with my children’s fathers equally, I have ample amount of ” me time” every week. In the beginning it was a VERY hard transition for me because I was in the ” mom zone”. I never did ANYTHING for myself , I stopped a lot of my hobbies, didn’t  excercise like I was used to and rarely spent time with my friends. Over the years I have come to realize in order for me to be happy and well rounded I have to do things for myself. Being an adult, a single mom (24 hour shift working mom at that) and a business owner is not only tiresome but stressful. Here are some ways I relax or pamper myself weekly !!

Hair, nail and massage appointments 


I love to look my best and always promote to my kids putting your best foot forward ( when you can ). I’m totally in love right now with gel nails , 1 hour stone massages and pedicures with an extra foot scrub 🙂
” My smell goods”


This goes along with my last point! When I don’t have time to run out or my favorite tech is booked up for the day I do a facial at home or use a special body butter after a nice hot shower. It may not seem like much but the aroma alone can take me on an instant faux vacation LOL. I try to only use all natural products made here in the US and fell in LOVE with Posh! You can visit my personal link here:

Yoga, Zumba and weight lifting 


Put on a good song and call me the dancing queen! We love to dance in our household. Several years ago I stumbled across Zumba and love that I can dance along side other moms with no rhythm haha! I use to be the ” must run on the tread mill” girl in order to keep my body right . Little did I know that after I gained and lost 50-70 pounds with each pregnancy my body wouldn’t look the same. Weight lifting has really shaped my body back surprisingly! Don’t worry … you won’t bulk up or look masculine 🙂 I have recently started yoga and am finding I can take a lot of the techniques with me during the day to practice balance throughout other areas in my life.
Eating out

It’s funny that I mention this after I just talked about exercise but it’s a huge part of my life ! I love to find new little spots to eat and try new things in my area. I’ve never been picky but I have really broadened my pallet over the past several years .

Enjoying a cup of coffee …or 3

This is the staple of #momlife and shift work life ! COFFEE.MAKES.ME.HAPPY and keeps me sane! A warm cup of coffee can turn your day around in a flash. I’m really into white chocolate mocha right now but will have a large black coffee any day as well .The above picture is my all time favorite coffee shop ! Beans in the belfry is a gorgeous church that was converted into a coffee house and live music venue. I’m lucky to live literally 2 blocks from here !

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