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Coffee Mugs

I’m going to make a very broad assumption here…. the amount of coffee intake has probably doubled if not quadrupled since we have all been staying place at home. Pouring coffee into our favorite coffee mugs as we go about our day.

Especially if you’re a big coffee drinker, you may find that you have your own favorite mug. Likewise, you may even have a favorite flavor of coffee that you choose often. Some of us huge coffee drinkers even have several favorite mugs. Are you one of those people as well?

From hot to cold coffee and even different flavors to use from, there is no wonder that there are many different mugs to choose from. Mugs can sometime even be great gifts for special occasions. I know that I especially love mugs!

Over the years I have had several “favorite mugs” and these days I’m between a dollar store “chicken lovers” mug and a Christmas mug from Starbucks. After searching for a “new” mug I came across some ABSOLUTE GEMS. There were probably 30 coffee mugs that I loved but today I’m going to share a few. Here are my top 5 must have coffee mugs.

  1. I’m gonna put this as my number 1 because I feel like I say a few of these sayings multiple times a day.
Coffee Mugs

2) Because who doesn’t need a mid day confidence boost?


3)This one is my mood at the end of pretty much every other day LOL


4)Hey all you cool need this cat mug in your life.


5) I can honestly say I’ve never identified with a saying on mug until today! LOL

Coffee Mug

Looking for an amazing whipped coffee delight to put in one of these mugs?

Do you have a favorite mug? Let me know!



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